About Jeunesse Racing

The decision to purchase USA 53 and race in the J70 Fleet all took place in about 7 days. With the Winter Season Just starting in Florida we had the opportunity to have the boat delivered to Key West Race Week, we sailed one day, then went racing for 5 days and 12 races. With Three weekend races in the St Pete – Tampa area in Feb we pulled the trigger and Joined the Fleet. A very Humbling Experience took place in Key West after racing since the age of 12, relearning a new sport boat did not come as easy as other boats we have jumped into. As we build our team and race all over the country we will improve while all the time learning and having fun.

We have been very fortunate to make the decision to join Jeunesse Global and really enjoy the life style it has afforded us, But the main thing we do in life is build teams of people all over the world and we look forward to building a great team on this boat and other boats to come. If you’re looking to sail on a J70 or would like to find out out more about Jeunesse and Jeunesse Racing, please fill out the form below.

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