George Antarr III

Owner | Driver

George Has Been Racing Sail boats since the age of twelve, also the  year he started teaching Sailing on Hobie Cats in Newport Beach. Then teaching in Marina del Rey while in high school. Racing in Collage while working, and then getting into the J24 Fleet for many years. George Was the Fleet Captain of the Marina del Rey Fleet and the Southern California District Governor. . .

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He is looking forward to building this racing team, with the challenge of learning a new boat. When not competing at something he and His Wife build teams of people in 130 countries with the Company Jeunesse Global. Building and Racing with this team he says will be as much fun.

Donna Antarr

Owner | Bow | Doctor

Donna took sailing lesson while in Medical School, but never knew exactly what racing looked like. Early on in their courtship Donna was thrown into a Snipe for the second time at an Olympic Class Regatta in March, in  Long Beach and with the big breeze fell in love with the sport, Even though Swimming in a four foot chop  was involved for her. . .

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she became fearless and has never looked Back. The 2017 J70 campaign will be her first one as an owner. Unless you count the Jibe tech she got for her birthday.

Ron Baerwitz


Ron’s sailing life began at age 12 with his father on their 30’ sailboat Marina Del Rey, CA.  Racing quickly caught his attention with the Sea Explorers, PHRF boats, and Hobie Cats.  He gained great experience crewing and later developed helming chops as a skipper in the active MORC fleet and various dinghies.  In the 80’s Ron made the US Sailing Team. . .

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in the Flying Dutchman class with the goal of making the 1988 US Olympic Team. Ron campaigned throughout Europe, South America, and the US which earned him a #8 world ranking in that class in 1987. Although he did not win the Olympic trials he gained unparalleled experience racing against the world’s best.

Ron holds domestic or international titles in Olson 30’s, Shock 35’s, Martin 242, Flying Dutchman, MC Scow, and the Sea Explorers as a Jr. In his 43-year racing life Ron has been part of competitive campaigns in boats from dinghies to Maxi’s.

Now a resident of St. Petersburg, FL, Ron looks forward to bringing his experience to the Jeunesse Racing Team in 2017.  And, although the goal is winning, having fun is, well, more fun!

Bruce Cooper

Trimmer | Tactician

Bruce has been able to turn his childhood passion into a lifelong career. He began sailing in Southern California at the age of six and has continued to sail and race locally and internationally ever since.  He worked for Ullman Sails for over 26 years before he purchased the Newport Beach & Long Beach Ullman Sails franchises from Dave Ullman in 2006.

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His 35-years of experience racing ranges from one-design dinghies, small keelboats, 12 Meters and 70’ Sleds. Bruce has competitively raced in California, Europe, Key West, throughout Mexico and has also raced to Hawaii nine times. He has won as a crewmember at the National Championships in B-25’s, Catalina 38’s and won numerous PHRF Championships.

Bruce’s is passionate about and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. He is driven to empower his customers to achieve their vision of sailing and/or racing on their dreamboat with the absolute best set of sails made by his loft.

Mike Earl


Mike is a Colorado lake sailor that grew up near the shores of the Puget Sound. His love for racing and sailing didn’t come to fruition until he moved to the Rocky Mountains in 2001. Always recreating on the sound and his love for competition Mike knew he had to find a way to enjoy the summers in this land locked state. He joined a team of avid Colorado sailors in the. . .

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J24 fleet where his primary position was bow. The team had a small travelling program, a successful district 18 presence, and a practice program that would rival some of the full time teams. They won multiple District Championships and summer series titles as well as a top 5 in the US National Championships in 2012. Mike was also successful in the Star Fleet with two District 21 Championships over the last 5 seasons. His love for summer and his ever increasing workload in the summer months has positioned Mike to be able to travel in the winter for a handful of regattas a far. He has crewed on boats of all sizes ranging from Santa Cruz 70’s, Shock 40’s, double handed PHRF regattas as well as 3 years part time in the J70. He is a current owner of a J22 that he shares with his wife and best friend Anna. Mike’s 2017 summer will be the most competitive yet. His new J24 team has qualified and will be competing in Ontario for the World Championships. As a tune up the team plans to attend the North American Championships in Houston in May.

Andre “3K” Oliveira

First Timer | GFP

Andre has been sailing, including his first trip to the Davis Island Yacht club, Series 3 event, Feb 3rd -5th 2017 for Zero Days. Racing on Jeunesse Racing will be his first time in a Sail Boat Race. The plan is that the team can teach him a position on the boat to help the team run smoothly, in just one weekend of sailing. Even though he will not be able to sail a boat. . .

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on his own, he will become a productive part of a team, even a vital part over time. So as he watches and learns from Videos and real time situations we look forward to his progression as he become one of our alternates for when our team members schedules conflict with Regattas.